While the gender pay gap was unchanged compared to last year, it decreased in several sectors and did not increase in other sectors. That it remained unchanged as a whole is due to effects from the composition of employees. Groups of employees where the gender pay gap is larger increased relative to groups where the gender pay gap is smaller.

Differences in wages may be due to a large number of different factors. Taking into account the explanatory factors available in producing the wage statistics, using standard weighting, an unexplained difference of 4.7 percent remained between the sexes for 2022.

One important explanation for the difference in average wage between the sexes is a gender-segregated labour market where women and men still largely work in different occupations, and where these occupations have different wage levels

The results for 2022 show that the pay gap amounted to 9.9 percent in 2022. This means that the gender pay gap was unchanged compared to 2021. The continuous decrease of the pay gap which had been observed yearly since 2007 seems to have stopped since 2019.

After 2019 the gender pay gap has only shown marginal changes between the years. In a longer perspective, the pay gap has decreased by 6.4 percentage points from 2005 to 2022.