The statistics can be divided into three parts: economy wage statistics, wage
structure statistics and EU statistics.

The development according to the short term statistics of wages and salaries in different sectors are updated monthly. Producer is Statistics Sweden (SCB). The statistics are presented two months after they are collected and are revised monthly until they are final after one year. The Swedish National Mediation Office provides a calculation of the expected final outcome of the wage development. The calculation is intended to serve as an analysis basis for interpreting the preliminary results. The latest statistics can be downloaded below.

The National Mediation Office is also tasked with analysing wage trends from a gender equality perspective. It has done so annually since 2001. The latest report, The gender pay gap 2021, can be downloaded below.


Actual and negotiated wages by sector per year and per month (excel)

Actual wages by industry per year and per month (excel)

Gender pay gap 2022 (pdf)